Hazmat (Falu)

Vartist + L2D Rigger

Illustrator, concept artist, designer.
Occasionally scams Haz Mart Shoppers into doing sus things.

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By purchasing a commission from me, you agree to abide by these rules.


► Purchasing art from me grants you PERSONAL USE of your single digital copy, which means you cannot in any way use the art to gain a profit, including but not limited to: NFT minting, selling copies (digital or printed) or using the artwork in advertisements.

Personal use artworks may be posted to the client's social media given that credit is properly included. (Please note the different nuances between sharing commissioned artwork on social media versus using it as vtuber promotional material)

I reserve and retain all rights to publish my artwork: which allows me to publish examples in my portfolio, social media platforms, personal sites, record, stream the commission process, and etc. UNLESS discussed otherwise.

Commercial rights MUST be negotiated in relation to: Artwork used as STREAMING ASSETS (headers, notifs, emotes, stingers, in-between screens), NETWORK ASSETS (website graphics) or MERCH PRODUCTS (charms, stickers etc).


► I retain the right to refuse any commission without stating a reason.

► A full refund will only be supplied if no work has been done. Partial refunds are available for work that has not been completed, but has had at least a stage of progress finished. No refund will be provided for fully finished work.

► When you purchase a commission from me you agree to waiting in line in my to-do list queue with no hard deadline. Only extraordinary circumstances and those who have paid a rush fee are eligible for refunds.


► Requesting the restriction to keep your commissioned piece HIDDEN from posting it online will incur an additional fee.

► MAJOR edits (such as different clothes, poses, extra characters, backgrounds, extra VFX, color palette revamps, etc) will incur an additional fee.

► MINOR changes such as small details or color adjustments as well as edits required due to me missing information or misinterpreting critical details are typically free of extra charge.


► Commissioners who are disrespectful towards me and/or do not respect my workflow and artistic process will not be tolerated, and are at risk of being blacklisted.

► Incidences, where chargebacks are filed for finished artwork, will result in a blacklist. The client's right to use the work is revoked. Design works such as adoptables/character designs may be resold and re-used.

► Use of my artwork, to train AI is not allowed and will result in an instant blacklist. You may not modify, distribute, post the piece to any blockchain related network, or claim my artwork as your own. You and/or your partner(s) may NOT use this work for anything AI training related.


► All prices are in USD, paid through invoices.

► Invoices will be sent once commission forms have been approved.

► Payment must be made upfront before I begin any work. Failure to make full payment within 30 days after my confirmation will result in your slot being forfeited.

► Payment plans are only acceptable for long-term works above the 500USD threshold.

Got a question? Send any additional inquiries to my commission e-mail: [email protected]

Last updated: 2022.06.17

About the character (Hoe vTuber ver.)


Head researcher at Hazmat orgPeople are afraid to approach him. Dominating, conniving and perceptive. Finds people amusing, something to watch over, something easily manipulated & crushed in the palm of his hands. Involved in the dynamics of Miasma interactions as the lead researcher in Hazmat org; an organization built by the city to resolve the problem of the Miasma invasion. Lacks nothing. Enjoys the world as being incomprehensible and chaotic. Body is semi corrupted by the unknown.model number: HH-403245086659Design notes:
- dark nails
- mole(s)
- three eye color modes (changes depending)
- powder blue grey hair
- neck markings
Outfit notes:
- lab coat
- identification tag
- orange tinted glasses
His design is still in the roughs!

Art tools + Specs


Processor: Intel Core i7-10700KF Eight Core Processor (16MB Cache, 3.8GHz-5.1GHz) 125W
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2933MHz CL16
Hard Drive: 512GB NVMe Solid State Drive + 2TB 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive
Graphics: GeForce RTX 3060 12GB GDDR6
Motherboard: B460
Power Supply: 600W Gold PSU
Operating System: Windows 11 Home x64

× Wacom Pro Medium
× Clip Studio Paint


Main Brush Pack
Texture Brush Pack
Cloud Brush Pack
Harness Brush Pack




Past Conventions

ANYC 2023

Twitchcon 2023

K-Play OC 2023

UWUcon 2023

K-Play Bay 2023

Pop Umai - Genshin 2023

Anime Expo 2023

Taste Of Japan 2023

Pop Umai - Demon Slayer

Anime Riverside 2023

Little Tokyo Market

Sakuracon 2023

K-Play Fest SD 2023

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